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Brand Arrange Limited: Pioneering Personal Branding and 360-Degree Advertisement in India

Grand News Network | December 19, 2023

Brand Arrange Limited, India’s pioneering Personal Branding and 360-degree advertisement company, is making waves in the digital marketing landscape. Co-founded by visionary entrepreneurs Sameer Satyarth and Anurag Dangi, the company showcases Sameer’s journey from a 14-year-old web development enthusiast to a successful entrepreneur securing INR 50 lakh funding. Anurag Dangi, a renowned Anchor and Motivational Speaker, contributes his wealth of experience, emphasizing education and environmental well-being.

Kolkata, West Bengal, India, 19th Dec 2023, King NewsWireBrand Arrange Limited proudly announces its position as India’s first Personal Branding and 360-degree advertisement company. Founded by visionary entrepreneurs Sameer Satyarth and Anurag Dangi, the company is set to revolutionize the digital marketing landscape in the country.

Brand Arrange Limited: Pioneering Personal Branding and 360-Degree Advertisement in India

Sameer Satyarth, a dynamic 19-year-old entrepreneur, has been making waves in the startup world since the age of 14. Co-founder of Raid on News and Brand Arrange, Sameer’s journey is a testament to his passion for web development, digital marketing, blogging, SEO, and graphics designing. His recent achievement includes securing funding of INR 50 lakh from V&E Consulting Group at a valuation of INR 4 crore.

Sameer’s entrepreneurial journey is particularly impressive given the prevailing societal norms that favor government jobs. Balancing his studies at the Institute of Engineering and Management in Kolkata, Sameer remains an active member of E-Cell IEM. His story inspires young and aspiring entrepreneurs to pursue their passion and dreams irrespective of age.

Brand Arrange Limited not only reflects Sameer’s dedication but also encapsulates the vision of co-founder Anurag Dangi. Anurag, a renowned Anchor, Motivational Speaker, Communication Coach, and entrepreneur, brings a wealth of experience to the company. From a humble background in Bihar, Anurag’s journey is marked by determination, mental toughness, and self-discipline.

Anurag’s commitment to nature is reflected in his regular seminars and marches for environmental well-being. Despite facing financial challenges in his early life, Anurag’s father instilled a strong value system and belief that education is paramount. Anurag’s relentless pursuit of knowledge led him to become a Communication Coach and a successful entrepreneur.

The achievements of Anurag Dangi are numerous, including being awarded the ‘Rashtriya Siksha Ratan Samman’ and the ‘National Youth Icon Award.’ His initiative, ‘Zid Kahani Zidagi Ki,’ has garnered attention from well-known personalities and viewers alike.

As an entrepreneur, Anurag is currently engaged with his startup in Gurgaon, focusing on online home booking. His commitment extends beyond business, as he actively participates in social work, providing free education to underprivileged children and contributing to environmental causes.

Brand Arrange, under the leadership of Sameer Satyarth and Anurag Dangi, stands out as one of India’s most iconic Digital Marketing companies. The company’s expertise spans Press Release, Social Media Marketing, Website Designing, SEO, Graphic Design, App Development, Facebook Ads, Commercial Ads Video, Product Ads Video, Media Planning & Buying, Influencer Marketing, Digital Content Creation, and Ecommerce Management.

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